Band Saw Safety Features

Band saws are typically used for cutting curves with serrated blades. Because this type of saw is a manual-feed tool, it can be dangerous to operate. However, band saws have certain safety features and a plethora of safety measures can be taken in order to keep these tools as safe as possible for the user. Visit band saw site for more info.

Engineered Safety Features

Band Saw-Wheel Covers: Wheel covers conceal the wheel that is rotating the bands of steel that do the cutting. These wheels are turning at high speeds and could be dangerous, so the user always wants to keep the wheel covers shut as the saw runs.

-Feed Pressure Variability: The pressure of the feed when using a band saw varies based on the user’s input. This variability makes the blade easy to control which makes it safer for the user. The safest way to end a cut is to begin diminishing pressure as the user ends their cut. If an error occurs, or when finished cutting, turning the machine off and waiting for a complete stop of the blade is necessary.

-Blade Guard: The blade guard helps keep fingers away from the blade and prevents kickback. It’s important to use things like push sticks as well in order to keep precious bits like fingers and thumbs away from the blade when it is running.

-Blade Tension: Blade tension is how taut or loose the steel blade strip is. Confirming that this has the right amount of tension makes the saw much safer. It is a simple precaution that makes the band saw safer to use.

-Tracking: Tracking is how the blade is laid in the band saw. If the blades are not perfectly laid in their correct spots, the band saw is dangerous to operate. Checking this is a precaution that makes using a band saw safer. Feeding the stock at a moderate rate is also important, as forcing a cut or being lazy on a cut can be dangerous.

Other Precautions:

-Protective Wear: Wearing safety glasses and ear protection are very important when operating a band saw. Dangling object like jewelry or protruding objects like rings can be dangerous and should be removed before using the saw.

-Patience and balance: It’s important to stay patient when doing a cut on stock as hastiness could result not only in injury but in a failed project. It’s also important to maintain good balance in order to keep safe and ensure a smooth cut.

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