Do you Have to Sell your Rolex Watch?

Although there are watches valued at over a hundred thousand dollars, watches made of gold, platinum and studded with diamonds, ninety percent of that exterior design and decoration is mere hubris.

A watch’s original and eternal function, is to keep the time.

Today of course, inexpensive plastic digital watches can keep time with the very best, so if we’re simply looking for a cheap disposable but accurate timepiece, just about any five dollar watch will do the job, like these onesĀ

However for those who want not only a timepiece that is accurate, but a timepiece that expresses their good taste, a timepiece that they can proudly wear to any function at any time and it will never be out of place.

That’s why so many choose to own, or at least dream of owning, a Rolex watch.

Rolex watches have a storied history, pioneering in many areas, particularly with the development of the “Oyster”. Up until Rolex unveiled it’s 100% waterproof watch, no watch had really had the capacity to be made waterproof. Many claimed, and many still claim today, that their watches are “water resistant”. The difference between water resistant and waterproof is like being able to hold your breath for twenty seconds and holding it for as long as you choose. Water resistant merely suggests that a splash of water on your watch probably will not harm it. You may never go diving, but if you do, you can take your Rolex with you to remind you to come up for air sooner or later!

To own a Rolex is to own one of the world’s most respected and status-bearing symbols. Like the name Rolls-Royce, the name Rolex evoques class, good-taste and quality combined with the accuracy that only the finest most experienced and diligent craftsmen can bring together to assemble each and every one.

For a number of reasons, a person is forced to offer a Rolex for sale. Perhaps it belonged to a family member who has left us, perhaps it is out of financial necessity and of course sometimes, the owner has received a new Rolex from a loved one and one Rolex is all any person will ever need!

One of the best features of the Rolex watch is its intrinsic value. Almost everything you purchase today will begin to lose value the moment you step out the door. Diamonds remain valuable, but you can’t expect to get back what you paid. A brand new motor vehicle loses a thousand dollars or more the instant it leaves the showroom.

But as to your Rolex, here’s an example: Nearly forty years ago, this writer bought a new Rolex for $475.00, a considerable sum at the time. For $3,500 he could have owned an 18K gold “President” model with day and date, but preferred the understated elegance of the less expensive model, knowing that under the gold casing lay exactly the same carefully and painstakingly assembled workings.

Recently, almost forty years later, it was officially appraised at $1200. How many items can we buy that increase in value over the years? How many watches continue to give unfailing and satisfying service for such a long period of time?

Today’s Rolexes, like so many products, carry extremely high price tags. They’re worth every penny, but not everyone can own a brand new Rolex. Some look for a carefully maintained used Rolex.

Caveat emptor is the key here: Because of its cachet, the Rolex is possibly one of the world’s most misrepresented watches in the world. “Replicas” better known as knockoffs, abound. Many of these can fool all but the experts. Many older Rolexes haven’t been properly treated by negligent owners and have been repaired by local watch repairmen. Even though a local repair shop may be capable, the owner can’t guarantee your Rolex’s waterproof capability once the back has been removed. Inside, repairs over the years may have been made using less than Rolex parts.

The seller should first send the watch to an authorized Rolex service center. There are a number of these all over the world. For a small fee they will examine the watch, and if possible, certify that it is a genuine Rolex and there are no off-brand parts inside. With this certification, the seller should be able to offer the watch with confidence and at the best price, and the buyer should be able to walk away confident that he/she has the “real thing”, a watch that will continue to give good service and last a lifetime.

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