Lend money to bridge financial bottlenecks

Who does not know that. Suddenly the money is enough, which should last until the end of the month. Not anymore. Because special expenses less money than thought is available. Special items make life difficult. If the household budget is already scheduled for all other expenses. But washing machines that break. Do not stick to the purse of the owner. A much-needed car repair can not be postponed. If the car is needed for the ride to work. Also many other special editions may become necessary. But what to do when there is a financial shortage. But either no reserves could be built. Or the nest egg is so well laid out that it is not readily available. Then an overdraft can help pay for the much-needed expenses. Borrowing money is possible with such loans.


  • 1 overdraft on the checking account
  • 2 overdraft from a mini loan provider
  • 3 When borrowing money pay attention to the costs!
  • 4 lend money from private
  • 5 Conclusion: borrowing money with an overdraft facility can only be used for financial bottlenecks!

Overdraft on the checking account

Cover the checking account . Is one of the ways to borrow money in case of financial constraints. But for that, the house bank must also offer or make it possible for the account holder. If the credit line has already been exhausted. And the own bank offers no tolerated overdraft beyond. Other options must be considered. An overdraft should, if one is used. Also only be used for a short time. The interest on disbursements and overdrafts are not without. This meant an additional financial burden for the account holder. Especially with the Dispo and the overdraft interest from interest rates are quickly. If the overdraft is not quickly cleared. And then, with a supposedly small and practical loan, you might tap straight into the debt trap. An overview of overdrafts with other options is therefore important to find a suitable loan for bridging a financial shortage.

Overdraft from a mini loan provider

Another way to borrow money is by mini-credits. Such a mini loan is always created at short notice. Depending on the mini-credit provider, the maximum repayment period may be 15, sometimes 30, sometimes even 60 days. The conditions for such short-term loans are sometimes very different. Before the exclusion of such a loan, therefore, a mini loan comparison is recommended.

Depending on the provider, there is also the option of receiving a mini loan without Schufa . Also, the minimum income for such loans depending on the provider is lower than normal installment loans. But one thing is important: the cost of a mini loan should definitely be kept in mind.

When borrowing money pay attention to the costs!

Whether overdraft on the checking account or bridging with a mini loan. It is important to pay attention to how much the costs are. In mini-credit, which is also referred to as short-term credit. In addition to the interest itself can be added even more costs. This can be for the mini-credit express option and the express withdrawal. This can be for the service that the loan can be paid in more than one installment.

The cost of such additional mini-credit options is often not reflected in the annual percentage rate of charge. That is: who wants to take such a loan, should not only look at the effective interest rate. But also the other costs that may be incurred for services.

Borrow money from private

Borrow money from private

In addition to the overdraft on the current account and the mini loan, there is also the possibility to borrow money privately. This is possible, for example, on credit marketplaces such as smava and auxmoney . Private financiers give money to private individuals, the self-employed and freelancers as well as small businesses. The borrowed money can then spend the project creator of such a loan for the thing for which he wanted to borrow the money.

Conclusion: borrowing money with an overdraft facility can only be used for financial bottlenecks!

If you need money at short notice, you have different ways to borrow money. Due to the cost, however, it is not recommended to use such loans to bridge financial shortages permanently. They should only be short-term options that are quickly repaid. Otherwise, only one thing will help: tighten your belt to get away with the money that is available to you. Or, as a second option, looking for a side job. Which improves the monthly household budget.


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